Data Center Standardization

Design and Standardization Of Datacenters

Design and Standardization Of Datacenters

One of the most important long-term goals in the field of information technology is the high level of all internal and external applications of public and private organizations, as well as the prevention of interruptions or so-called downtime. On the other hand, the need for centralized management of the organization’s vital hardware and software resources, as well as restrictions on financial and spatial resources, on the other hand, necessitates consulting, design of data centers, and standardization of data centers according to facilities, resources, and type of service. Provides organizations.


Datacenters Life Cycle

Server room standardization is based on the output of the Life cycle assessment phase, which includes the flaws and shortcomings created during the life of a data center.

The following figure shows an example of a data center’s life cycle of a critical organization that, after 10 years of data center life, needs to be optimized according to existing equipment and modern world standards.

Green Datacenters

Today, in the countries of the first world, one of the most important issues in setting up data centers is energy efficiency (Efficiency & Performance) of electrical and mechanical equipment, which is also very important to consider issues related to environmental protection.

Therefore, the approach of large organizations to have data centers with high power consumption and maintenance costs, to have several data centers with low power consumption and related to each other in safe places to prevent Breaktime for various reasons such as unforeseen events and accidents The environment and UP of all services have changed in different places.

Consulting, Design And Implementation Of Datacenter Setup

Arqam Net Technical and Engineering Company, according to the rank of a computer trade union organization in the field of network infrastructure services, as well as modern standards and best practices and using its expert force in all four layers (TAEM) (Telecommunication, Architecture, Electrical Mechanical is ready to provide network design and consulting services and services regarding data center standardization and optimal use of resources.

The following video is an example of a server room design and standardization project, one of the most important organizations in the country, by the figures of Net Number.