Network Setup Services

Network Setup

In general, the network structure consists of two parts, passive and active. To install and set up computer networks in the passive layer, according to the following figure, Cisco three-layer model is used. The layer is treated according to geographical location, bandwidth, distance, communication limitations, as well as capacity determination and bandwidth distribution from Core to Enduser layer.

Design and implementation of a network infrastructure project of 2500 nodes along with drilling and implementation of fiber optics with an area of 10,000 meters for one of the most important organizations in the country by the specialists of Arqam Net Company

Four layer TCP IP model

Network installation services

Regarding network installation operations in the passive section, having the necessary knowledge and using standards such as EIA / TIA568A… C, ANSI / BICSIN1… N3, IEEE802, ITU-TG650… 567, ITU-TG980… 989 along with network implementation experience Computer as well as knowledge of estimating and distributing the electrical charge of IT equipment is one of the important factors of the companies operating in this field.

In the active network layer of the four-layer TCP / IP model according to the following figure to provide services to end and internal users by considering all topics related to network transmission and security protocols as a reference model during implementation and layout. Active network equipment is used.

Experienced experts of Arqam Net Company, due to their complete mastery of active and passive network topics and benefiting from the tools and standards in the field of IT, declare their readiness to provide computer network implementation services inside and outside our beloved country.

Providing passive and active services in all areas of communication (LAN, MAN, WAN, GAN) according to defined standards and internal local codes and benefiting from specialized and experienced personnel and using passive network equipment and active network equipment. The need for network implementation is one of the company’s services to customers of large and small businesses in the country and abroad.