Network Design And Consulting Services

Network Design And Consulting

Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology, as well as the direct and profound impact of this sector of technology on increasing productivity, facilitating business, increasing revenue and achieving greater profits in all businesses, this technology and related fields have led to It will quickly penetrate all sectors of companies, large and small.

Therefore, Arqam Net Company, according to its activity records in installation and network, using appropriate tools (Auto CAD, VISIO,…) and performing the steps and phases of visit, recognition, needs assessment … is ready to provide design services. And network consulting in the form (RFP, LOM, LOS, LOP, HLD, LLD, DLD).

IT pyramid

IT Industry Layers

In the IT industry, seven layers, respectively, from the most important lower layers according to the following figure, known as IT pyramid, to the highest layer with which the final user (Application) is related, by experts and standards in the field of information technology for layout and Determining the communication topology of organizations’ network equipment is defined as a reference model for implementing communication and security rules, defining and changing the language of equipment, and managing computer networks.

Given the above, it is important to note that any update, change and definition of software in the highest layer has caused a change in the lower layers, which is impossible without proper infrastructure and thus imposes a cost. And it is spent on time and human resources of the organization.

For example, in order to provide services to external users, an organization is forced to use high-configuration graphics software and simultaneous communication of internal users through high-bandwidth network communication.

Therefore, this change in the Application layer causes a change in the Infrastructure infrastructure layer to install network software and store information and data, change the communication topology along with the appropriate bandwidth to communicate between users in the Network layer and also change hardware with configuration. The software is tailored to the HardWrae layer, which, if not properly networked, requires the definition of new resources and the imposition of heavy time and financial costs on the organization.

Arqamnet Technical and Engineering Company, according to the rank of a union and computer system organization in the field of network design and consulting services, as well as experience in implementing design projects, network installation and infrastructure of small and large organizations in the country and collecting financial information Regarding maintenance contracts in three areas of network and infrastructure, hardware, software and their comparison during a year, this statistic is related to 1398, the three vital organizations of the country.

Comparison of IT budgets in critical organizations in 1998

According to the figure below, it can be seen that the most expenses occurred in the infrastructure and network sector of the organization.

One of the ways to prevent costs imposed on organizations is to design a network and infrastructure with an open mind and consider the long-term goals of organizations, technological progress, the needs of foreign and domestic users, CAPE & OPEX cost management, so the company according to Your activity records in the field of setting up and maintaining large and small networks and using appropriate tools (Auto CAD, VISIO,…) and performing steps and phases of visits, recognition, needs assessment … Ready to provide network design and consulting services in the form of (RFP, LOM, LOS, LOP, HLD, LLD, DLD).